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  1. Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX Remix)

    Today sees the digital release of this epic remix by Jamie XX. Taking the instantly recognizable drone riff from the original, Jamie seamlessly removes the tune from the techno based driver that Kieran envisaged and creates something with a more trademark spacious and minimal feel. Despite this I can only imagine how good hearing it on a world class sound system could be, the chords deserve enough bass behind them so that when Jamie chooses to drop in those inspired percussive rhythms that were the key to the longevity of The xx’s early work, you’re really gunna loose it.

    If you’re a fan of Jamie’s, he also appeared on an excellent mix for the Boiler Room this week in which he drops the song. The 55 minute mix is also a lo-fi and atmospheric meander through a mixture of dark dance tunes and some of his and The xx’s own material. The track at around 27 minutes is heavenly and there’s also some more upbeat Daphni style and funk numbers at the end which manage to get the often immovable Boiler Room crowd shifting around the floor, don’t miss it.

    The Lion remix is now available on Four Tet’s Text Records as a 12” along with a Happa remix (who only has a meager 15 years to his name) of Jupiters which is also worth listening to. Still available at the usual places, all the other Text imprints are sold out online, so don’t sit there thinking about buying for too long.

    Four Tet – Lion (Jamie XX Remix)

    Jamie xx 55 min Boiler Room Mix by BOILER ROOM

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