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  1. Freddie Joachim – Morning Calm

    Just released on his soundcloud, here is a lovely little jazzy Hip Hop instrumental from Mellow Orange’s Freddie Joachim, which will take you right back to sunnier days. You can hear the welcome influence of the late, great Jay Dee’s early Slum Village work in the bass line and the mellow, undemanding piano refrain couldn’t suit the carefully chosen title better. Currently enjoying the success of Joey Badass’ killer single “Waves” which he produced, the man has been working hard and consistently putting out quality imprints, including a recent 13 track album “of Hip Hop, Soul, and Electronic music, with the overall theme, “Love”” called Fiberglass Kisses, so there’s plenty to listen to.

    If you’re new to his music there’s also a lovely free EP from last year called Dusted that’s still available for download, but for now just lean back and enjoy some Morning Calm.

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