As The Plot Thickens: fLako – Eclosure A fairly enigmatic producer, who...

  1. fLako – Eclosure

    A fairly enigmatic producer, who splits his time between London and Berlin, whilst hailing from Chile, fLako has been making this unique blend of otherworldly soundscapes for a few years now, but the exceptional quality of this new EP should promote him to some larger audiences. In the same way as Bonobo does, these songs sound like dance music locking horns with the Amazon rainforest, the complex arrangements resulting in dense, luscious, sonic explorations. Eclosure is a fantastic rollercoaster of a song, the refreshingly varied instrumentation at the beginning gives way to a welcome, but unexpected dubstep-style drop that’s followed by strange, longing guitar riffs and all sorts of other passionate sounds, all expertly engineered.

    The EP of the same name contains three more brilliant tracks at roughly four minutes each, which makes me wonder what could be possible if he were a bit more indulgent and got lost in a 7 minute epic, but we might just have to wait for the next release for that. “Mating Dance” which transforms into a fantastic piece of intelligent house music is also available for free download via xlr8r, but I would really recommend buying the lot, every song is straight out of the top drawer, plus, it’s a bargain! Go on, treat yourself, its Christmas! Or for now just listen to a couple below:

    fLako - Eclosure

    fLako - Mating Dance