As The Plot Thickens: Tatham, Mensah, Lord and Ranks – Love and Life The...

  1. Tatham, Mensah, Lord and Ranks – Love and Life

    The self titled album from TMLR which has recently been released on 2000 Black is class; really innovative modern funk and soul music coming out of the UK right now. The one minute online previews don’t do it justice so I have chosen to share a beautiful, downtempo number they released as a free download a couple of months back called “Love and Life”. It’s a sexy, four minute jazzy instrumental with plenty of warming bass and quiet, funky riffs that I defy anyone to dislike. 

    You can see from the video above how much fun was had in the studio and it shines through in the energy of the free-flowing jams throughout the album that is the coming together of four distinct musicians with individual styles. This is the reason there is such an accomplished variation of styles and moods throughout, which means listening’s never boring. Unfortunately there are no plans for a vinyl release of the album, but you can pick it up digitally on 2000 Black’s website right now, Hallelujah!

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