As The Plot Thickens: Debruit - Ouest Wind’s Seagulls (Mwëslee...

  1. Debruit - Ouest Wind’s Seagulls (Mwëslee Remix)

    This is just a dark, storming beast of a song. It sort of sounds like what the Lord of the Rings soundtrack would have ended up like if it had been penned by an off the wall electronic music producer, specifically a scene of an amassing Uruk-hai army or similar… you get the idea. It has that familiar, clustered crescendo vibe that the beats Hudson Mohawke was making a year or two ago has and hits just as hard. It’s been getting a support from Benji B on his radio 1 show, but apart from this remix Mwëslee, who hails from Spain, doesn’t seem to be putting much out at the moment, so let’s hope there are plans for more in the pipeline soon.

    dEBRUIT - Ouest Wind Seagulls (Mweslee Remix) by Mwëslee